We offer adult learning across the whole of Manchester via in-person or online study. Our experienced tutors will tailor the tuition sessions to your own individual needs to allow you to reach your full potential.

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Good English and maths skills are important; they’re the key to progressing to higher levels of learning, gaining a new job, career progression or even just helping a child with homework. Here at Manchester Maths and English Tuition we offer adult tuition packages starting with basic maths and english through to an advanced level.


Our experienced tutors will ensure you get the most out of every session by personalising your tuition to your own needs. We don't believe in a one size fits all tuition style and like to focus on key areas of development specific to you.


All our tutors are flexible with time so we can arrange your tuition sessions around your busy life. On initial contact from your tutor please explain your availability and our tutor will ensure to work with your schedule the best they can.

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Reach out to us today to discuss your individual tuition needs.

Our experienced tutors will tailor your tuition sessions so you achieve your full potential.