We offer 11+ exam tuition across the whole of Manchester via in-person or online study. Our experienced tutors will tailor the tuition sessions to your child's individual needs and push for success!

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Eleven Plus Tuition

We offer tuition in maths (including numerical reasoning), English (including comprehension and vocabulary skills that are so important in the entrance exams) Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and creative writing.

Personalised Sessions

Our lessons are personalised to each individual pupil, NOT a group lesson where all pupils cover a set topic or follow a fixed programme of study or course. We believe that all pupils are individual with different strengths and weaknesses and, whilst there are aspects of the exams that all pupils need to cover, some need to spend more time on the parts of the exams that they find the most difficult. 

Confidence Building

We aim to build confidence and minimise stress and anxiety with our tutoring. We are not an “exam factory” style tuition centre and keep each child’s wellbeing at the heart of their time with us. We know through experience that sometimes even very bright children have a bad day.

Parental Support

We also aim to help support parents through the process by keeping you up to date with your child's progress throughout the tuition sessions. You will be sent an in-depth report after each session detailing which subject areas were covered and how your child responded to the tuition.

Let's Work Together

Reach out to us today to discuss your individual tuition needs.

Our experienced tutors will tailor your tuition sessions so you achieve your full potential.