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How It Works

Private tuition has been making a lot of noise throughout the education industry since its inception. Indeed, it’s now common sentiment that, in order to compete with the best and brightest students for places in the most selective schools or jobs with the most stringent academic requirements, private tuition is no longer merely an option – it’s a necessity.

Accordingly, it is no surprise that a huge percentage of parents and student across the nation are wondering how to get started. It might seem easy enough to the lucky few who are invited to obtain lessons from a trusted source with glowing recommendations from a family member or friend. However, most of us aren’t fortunate enough to be put in touch with an expert tutor with years of experience, a thorough background check and the academic qualifications to back up their knowledge.

This is where Manchester Maths & English Tuition comes in.

Our process is simple. Here is what to do if you’d like to get started with our tuition service:

  1. Click ‘Lesson Bookings‘ in the top menu.
  2. Fill in the details on the short enquiry form, specifying your desired subject and the academic level of the student.
  3. Select your tuition package based on how many lessons you’d like.
  4. Pay for your tuition package online by debit or credit card, or call us on 0161 327 1381 to speak to someone from our customer service team and pay over the phone.
  5. Receive a message from your tutor, along with their contact details, within 48 hours.
  6. Arrange the time, date and location of your first lesson.
  7. If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the lesson or find yourself unable to contact your tutor, we are happy to replace your tutor with someone who you think would be more suitable for you and/or the student.
  8. Let us know what you think! Once you’ve received a certain number of lessons under your package, we’ll send you an email with a link that lets you review your tutor and our service. Tell us how we’ve done and any ways in which we could improve. We appreciate all the feedback we get!
  9. Keep us updated! Let us know what grade you or the student achieved in their examinations! We love it when we hear how much a student’s academic results have improved thanks to the hard work put in by our tutors, and are so incredibly proud when we know just how much we’ve helped our customers.

Still Confused?

If you still have any questions about how the process works, feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer them.