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In-Person Tuition

For parents who would prefer a more hands-on approach, Manchester Maths & English Tuition offers in-person lessons, where students and tutors physically meet up for their sessions.

The meet-ups can take place wherever is most convenient for the student and tutor. For example, our fact-finding form gives would-be students the choice of having lessons at their home, the tutor’s home, a public place such as a café or library, or having their lessons online. These choices allow students and tutors to meet in the middle or, if either is unable to do so due to travel expense or time issues, they can compromise and meet at the other’s home.

Why opt for in-person lessons?

In-person lessons are favoured by some parents as they feel that their children learn best when being taught by a tutor who is physically present. Many feel their children can maintain their focus on a subject for a longer period of time when being engaged by a tutor who is sat right next to them. Some feel it makes their children feel more accountable for their learning, and that their tutor can better motivate them in person, rather than over screen-sharing or instant messaging software. Some also feel that tutors can more accurately and efficiently explain a concept in person, with many tutors who dislike online tuition also taking this position. Finally, in-person lessons bypass the potential for internet connectivity issues hampering a lesson’s progress or communication between parties.

While online lessons certainly do not always come with the above-mentioned disadvantages, there is something to be said about the old-fashioned way of doing things in person, which is why we are just as enthusiastic about lessons that take place physically as we are those that take place digitally.

Any Questions?

If you wish to learn more about in-person tuition with Manchester Maths & English Tuition, feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.